Do it yourself website vs professional web design

Do it yourself website vs professional web design

If you are a small business owner who has finally decided to have a website, you are probably deciding on whether or not to build your own website using the available templates or hire a professional web designer to create a professional website for your business? This is a very important decision that you need to think long and hard about. Think about all of the elements involved and see which option would work out best for you.

See how DIY websites initially cost you less, but end up costing you so much more!

  1. DIY are based on standard templates that have very limited functionality; therefore it means limited customization.
  2. It may seem easy to set up a template at first, but most of the time in the middle of the process it may get more complicated than originally expected and advertised.
  3. DIY websites take a lot of time to build and perfect, more than you think. You could spend this time managing and building your business.
  4. The honest truth, the end result of a DIY website is that it is never a professionally designed website. It will not be as cohesive or put together as it should be and this will end up hurting your business more thank you think.
  5. Website optimization is key for any website and DIY website are never built with search engine optimization in mind. What does this mean? You will not maximize the web traffic coming to your website.

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

There are many different important reasons why a professional web designer is valuable for your business. A professional web designer will walk you through all of the steps involved in building a successful, cohesive, well branded web site and teach you able the best practices in design. He/she will explain why certain music on your home page will distract customers from their visitor experience, why animated GIFs will outdate your website, why Google does not play attention to a flash website and most importantly why search engine optimization is critical to driving traffic to your website. A professional web designer will ensure you end up with a custom, functioning, and attractive website that will help your business succeed in a sea of competition.