Do it yourself website vs professional web design

Do it yourself website vs professional web design

If you are a small business owner who has finally decided to have a website, you are probably trying to make an important decision: do it yourself using all the available services out there, or hire a professional?
The most important fact that you have to keep in mind is that  your website is the living image of your business. It is as important as your business location and reputation.
The truth is that although DIY websites costs  less, the low price costs more than you know!
  1. DIY sites have very limited functionality.
  2. Most of the time in the middle of the process, you will realize that they are more complicated than originally advertised.
  3. DIY websites takes a lot of time to build –  time that you could spend on building or managing your business.
  4. The end result is never a professionally designed website. This will hurt your business more than you might imagine.
  5. DYI sites are never built with website optimization in mind. Therefore, you won’t maximize traffic coming to your site.

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

There are plenty of reasons.  A professional website designer will guide you through the process.  He will explain why animated gifs are outdated, why weird music on the home page distracts from the visitor experience, why Google doesn’t pay any attention to a flash website, and why SEO is critical to driving traffic.  The professional web designer will teach you about best practices in design. He will make sure these elements are used throughout the project.

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