Difference between branding and marketing

Difference between branding and marketing

Branding is who you are and a decisive strategy. Marketing is calculated planning, and it helps get your message across to your target audience.

Branding is a promise delivered to your customers. Your brand comes first then your marketing. 

While a brand will not openly say “buy me,” it will directly support any sales or marketing strategies you may have in play. Your brand helps encourage a customer to buy your products or services. It is what determines if your customers will develop loyalty or not.

While marketing may contribute to a brand, your brand is bigger than any marketing effort you put forth. The brand is what stays in a customer’s mind and is associated with a particular product, service or company. The marketing strategy may convince a customer on whether or not to purchase a product or service.

The brand is what will determine if the customer chooses to be loyal to that product.  A brand is built upon important elements such as the reliability of a particular brand; its quality standards; consistency and overall image.

Marketing reveals and energizes buyers. Branding makes loyal customers, believers and even enthusiasts, out of those who buy. 

This works the same for all business – every company needs to sell a particular product, service, or image. Depending on the industry each company uses a particular set of tools to sell their brand. How each company sells its product or service differs, but every department in an organization contributes to the overall image of their brand. Every thought, policy, action, ad, and marketing promotion has an effect on its customers – either inspiring or deterring their brand loyalty. All trickling down to the bottom line – sales.

Poorly researched and executed marketing strategies may turn into a money pit, but the opposite is also true. Well-researched and executed marketing plans are an investment that pays for itself through sales and brand loyalty.

What Marketing Delivers

Marketing is an essential part of any brand. It allows you to communicate the promise your customers expect of your brand. Your marketing should help define your audience and should be based on your brand positioning, your brand’s personality, and the tone of voice that your brand has come to use, to both your customers as well as your staff.



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